10 Proven Ways To Look Naturally Beautiful Without Makeup

Do you want to learn how to look incredibly beautiful without wearing makeup? This post is all about 10 proven ways to look naturally beautiful without makeup.

10 Proven Ways To Look Naturally Beautiful Without Makeup

I think these types of articles are my favorite ones. During the writing process, I feel like I’m having a coffee with friends and we’re discussing different topics about life.

As women, we often talk about things related to beauty like skincare, hair care, etc. Now, I feel like I’m having coffee with my friends again and sharing all my femininity and beauty tricks with this post’s readers. Therefore, here are 10 proven ways to look naturally beautiful without makeup!
Everything I write in the following lines is from personal experience, so I’d love to be of help to you by sharing my tricks and tips. Remember that your beauty mostly comes from within. Take care of yourself first so you can take care of everyone else around you.

10 Proven Ways To Look Naturally Beautiful Without Makeup

1. Drink more water

10 Proven Ways To Look Naturally Beautiful Without Makeup - drink water

I know you’ve read stuff like this everywhere. However, the facts say that water is very good for a person’s skin. It improves its overall appearance and promotes your overall health.

Skin elasticity levels will be lower if your hydration is not sufficient which leads to stretch marks. Furthermore, dehydrated skin can also lead to cellulite, so drink water regularly to prevent these health and beauty issues.

2. Have a skincare routine

10 Proven Ways To Look Naturally Beautiful Without Makeup - skincare

Build a skincare routine and do it every day, that’s how I guarantee you’ll achieve amazing visual results.

There is one thing you need to watch out for to get the optimal outcome you seek. Determine your skin type and then buy the cosmetics.

For instance, if your skin is oily and you buy products for dry skin you will not see any improvement. On the contrary, it could even get worse because dry skin creams have strong moisturizing properties in them which will make your skin even oilier. Therefore, you should be careful and sensible when choosing your beauty products.

3. Get rid of the dark circles under your eyes

10 Proven Ways To Look Naturally Beautiful Without Makeup - dark circles

I know girls, we all have them… but we need to look for ways to at least reduce them. They occur most often from lack of sleep, fatigue, stress, and overwork. In other words, dark circles under the eyes are a very unpleasant part of most people’s lives. Thanks to them my concealer is the beauty product I run out of the fastest haha.

I try to get rid of the dark circles and bags under my eyes by using natural creams that are specifically for that area and I think they do a pretty good job.

From time to time, I also use dark circle patches by letting them cool in the fridge first before I put them on. This way, I deal with the puffiness under my eyes as well.

4. Take vitamins

10 Proven Ways To Look Naturally Beautiful Without Makeup - vitamins

This is something I should have done much earlier. Take vitamins and supplements because they help you have nice hair, skin, nails, and overall better health.

Moreover, remember that it takes time to notice the effect of their use. Your body needs time to absorb them properly.

My advice is to consult your doctor or research a few reliable sources on the internet and get the right vitamins. Just remember that you will not see their effect after only 1 week.

5. Your Hair Should Be Your Priority

10 Proven Ways To Look Naturally Beautiful Without Makeup - hair

Dear Ladies! Taking good care of your hair is probably the most important thing when it comes to appearance. Even if you have no makeup, if your hair is beautiful and radiant, then you have nothing to worry about.

Therefore, make sure to drink vitamins, do hair masks, pick the right hair care products and go to the hairdresser more often. Comb your hair regularly as well.

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6. Maintain Your Eyebrows

beautiful eyebrows

You should agree with me that eyebrows change the appearance of a person’s entire face. Find the right eyebrow shape for you and maintain it. This way your face will look very good and aesthetic even without wearing makeup.

Regularly pluck your brows to achieve the best result, especially if they are black like mine. The reason is that dark hair is much easier to spot and much easier to spoil the shape of your eyebrows.

Also, look around the rest of your face for hairs that may cause you discomfort and thus make you look uncomfortable. Remove them and you are ready to go.

7. Hydrate Your Lips

hydrate your lips

What is one thing that makes a woman look very sexy? One correct answer is her lips. I don’t recommend you at all to undergo plastic surgery or inject your lips with hyaluronic acid, because this could have some pretty nasty consequences for you. What I suggest to you is to just moisturize your lips well.

The first and simplest thing is to drink more water. Good hydration is important for the appearance of your lips. Second, apply lip balm for external hydration trying to do it at least a few times a day. Nobody likes to see or have chapped, dry and cracked lips. Therefore, take good care of them by following the advice I just gave you.

8. Body Scrub

Remove the dead skin that hasn’t fallen off your body. To let your skin breathe easily you need to do scrub cleansing regularly because otherwise, you may get clogged pores resulting in breakouts, flaky skin, and uneven complexion.

That’s why you should use body scrubs to remove dead skin from your body. The result will be soft and nourished skin that will look beautiful. Gentle and smooth skin is one of the most important symbols of female beauty.

9. Keep Your Smile Bright

beautiful without makeup - smile

Have you ever heard this quote: “Keep a smile on your face, it’s the best accessory you can ever wear”? Well, it’s 100 percent true! In most cases, all it takes is one playful smile to charm any man. Furthermore, it has been proven that people who smile more make a better first impression and generally have more professional and social success.

However, to make our smiles attractive we need to maintain good oral hygiene. Brush your teeth regularly and don’t allow yourself to have bad breath, this turns people off. Create a routine in cleaning your teeth by brushing, flossing, mouthwashing, and going to the dentist regularly.

10. Your Behavior Says More

The most beautiful thing about a lady is her manners and how she behaves. Think about your inner beauty, not just the outer one. Yes, looks are indeed very important, but if accentuated with exquisite ladylike behavior, the combination is explosive.

Read some books about lady etiquette and body language and practice the things you learn and like to perfection.

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