10 Things You Do Wrong When Decorating Your Home

Decorating your living space sometimes can be quite challenging. Here are 10 things you do wrong when decorating your home.

10 Things You Do Wrong When Decorating Your Home

In most articles, we talk about how to make things right and beautiful. However, this time I decided to talk about the 10 things you do wrong when decorating your home.

I should point out that I have made many of these mistakes myself. Therefore, I would love it if I could help you so that you don’t repeat them yourself. If you listen to my advice, you’ll be able to create more comfortable and beautiful home decor.

10 Things You Do Wrong When Decorating Your Home

1. Using Too Many Colors

10 Things You Do Wrong When Decorating Your Home

Often in our efforts to bring all of our favorite colors into our home, we don’t realize what a big mistake this is. First, because having too many hues often creates disharmony in a room, automatically making its design tasteless and unpleasant.

The combination of many colors to achieve a beautiful interior design is a difficult task even for most professionals. Otherwise, even in such scenarios where many colors are used, there are always only 1 to 3 colors that are primary and all others just complement them. So, remember that the idea of painting every wall in the room a different color is often a bad one.

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2. Poor Asymmetrical Balance

10 Things You Do Wrong When Decorating Your Home

Many people try to achieve a sense of modernism and movement by using asymmetric design. Unfortunately, this again is something that can easily turn into something ugly and visually repulsive. Due to a lack of experience and knowledge, the result is often a room in which things are too chaotically arranged, too cluttered, or just too asymmetric for any normal taste.

My advice here is to consult an interior designer if you want a more out-of-the-box layout for your room. Alternatively, just stick to a good arrangement and symmetry in your home by spacing all your furniture evenly.

3. Dark Colors In Small Rooms

A very big mistake is to paint a small room like a bathroom in dark colors. They make the space visually smaller and this can create an unpleasant claustrophobic feeling while staying in the room.

For instance, apartment bathrooms often have no windows and access to natural light. Now imagine walking into a small bathroom that has a very dark shade of blue. It is not pleasant, is it? Therefore, don’t do it. The same goes for the hallway, which I’ve talked about in more detail in a previous article.

4. Furniture of Inappropriate Dimensions

10 Things You Do Wrong When Decorating Your Home

Choosing the right furniture dimensions is very important. Here we are not even talking about beauty, it is solely about functionality. For example, when furnishing a small bedroom you can’t help but measure every single corner to perfect accuracy because as you know not everything looks as perfect as it does in the store.

In a small bedroom, for example, don’t place a huge wardrobe, because it will take up half of the space and moving around the room will be difficult. Also then it is a good option to have your wardrobe with sliding doors to save some space. That’s why these things should be considered carefully before buying furniture.

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5. Mixing Multiple Interior Decorating Styles

10 Things You Do Wrong When Decorating Your Home

Don’t do this unless you are a professional or have read a lot on the subject. The truth is that this type of decorating by someone who is just experimenting leads to a complete disaster in most cases. Of course, you can mix styles of furnishings like Boho and Scandinavian for example, but you have to know what are you doing for optimal results.

In many cases, one style is placed as the leading one using elements from another. Let’s take as an example the Scandinavian style of furniture with decorations like rattan trays, baskets, etc. which are typical of the Boho style.

6. Too Many Decorations

10 Things You Do Wrong When Decorating Your Home

I know social media is bombarding you with all sorts of trending decorations, but please refrain from putting them all together in your home. Doing so can create a big mess and over clutter the space, so be careful.

The goal is to fill your space with as many decorations and personal belongings as possible. Although this design finds its supporters, I wouldn’t try it out, simply because cluttered spaces create a sense of untidiness in me.

7. Improper Selection of Lighting

improper lighting

Poor lighting can screw up the whole decor of a room. No matter how good your furniture and color combination is, if it’s not lit properly, everything goes down the drain. So try to choose the best artificial light for each room. Also carefully select the lamps and the lighting fixtures you will use, they should complement nicely the existing design.

8. Having Too Many Rugs Placed


Rugs are a very beautiful decoration, but the fact is that when you overdo it, it gets ugly. Choose the right colors and sizes by letting the flooring be seen and also please never, ever overlap rugs. It just drives me crazy. Use them to bring a lot of coziness to your home, but don’t overdo it.

9. Curtains

If you decide to use curtains in your home, you should know that they must be in complete harmony with the colors of the room. If they are not, the whole decoration and furnishing would potentially be spoiled. Also know that curtains require maintenance and you should wash and iron them from time to time. Read more about my blackout curtains.

Why you should get blackout curtains

10. Lack of a Plan

The biggest mistake is not having a plan and not knowing what to expect. Arrange the things you want to be present in your home, colors, and any other decor elements. This will help you structure everything and start to imagine exactly how you want your home to look. Also, creating a list and having an exact idea of what you need will help you avoid spending unnecessary money on things that won’t fit or won’t be beneficial to the design.

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