8 Air Purifying Plants For Your Dorm Room

Do you want to improve the air quality in your dorm room? If yes, then read this post about 8 air purifying plants for your dorm room.

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8 Air Purifying Plants For Your Dorm Room

Indoor air quality and ventilation have been hot topics lately. One of the reasons for that is the ongoing pandemic. Another one is the rising levels of air pollution in larger cities.

As you already know, most universities are located in big cities. Therefore, students living in dormitories are also exposed to the problem with the quality of air.

In the following lines, I have proposed two ways to deal with this issue. One is growing certain flowers in your dorm room or having an air purifier. I hope you find the information useful and that it will help you improve the air in your living space. So what are the 8 air purifying plants that you need for your dorm room?

8 Air Purifying Plants For Your Dorm Room

1. Air Purifying Plants: Orchids

8 Air Purifying Plants For Your Dorm Room - Orchids

Orchids are beautiful and very delicate. They are suitable for a dormitory because they are small plants and can be an amazing decoration. Many people think that they are difficult to grow, but the truth is that caring for them is easier than most think.

Orchids are indeed more delicate than other flowers. However, the key to growing them successfully is just to provide them with the right amount of water and sun.

Their presence in your dorm room can help remove xylene, which is an air pollutant found in paint and furniture. Most interestingly, orchids breathe and release oxygen at night, making them ideal for rooms where you sleep.

2. Air Purifying Plants: Spathiphyllum

8 Air Purifying Plants For Your Dorm Room - Spathiphyllum

A small and elegant flower that you can put in your dorm room. One of the reasons people grow spathiphyllum is because of its hardiness. It thrives mainly in shady areas with cold temperatures.

It would also be a great addition to your dorm room. It requires no special care and removes toxic substances from the air.

3. Air Purifying Plants: Aloe Vera

8 Air Purifying Plants For Your Dorm Room - Aloe Vera

One of my favorites! Aloe is a plant that can help you with many things. Besides being mesmerizing, growing it is also exceptionally easy. It likes light, but by no means direct sunlight.

Water it once every 2-3 weeks, and not in large amounts. Aloe is an excellent filter of compounds released by the use of chemical cleaners and paints.

It deals excellently with carbon monoxide as well. Furthermore, the juice of its leaves heals cuts, burns, and hydrates the skin very well.

4. Air Purifying Plants: Chlorophytum Comosum

Chlorophytum Comosum

Here is our next air purifying plant on the list. Chlorophytum is ideal for beginners. It can survive in many different and extreme light and temperature conditions.

Most probably you have seen it at your grandmother’s house. The green lily fights air toxins without asking for much care on your behalf.

You can choose a beautiful pot and make this plant a part of your dorm room decoration. The presence of greenery in the room always changes the atmosphere for the better.

5. Air Purifying Plants: Sansevieria Trifasciata

Sansevieria Trifasciata plant image

Sansevieria has its peculiarities when taking care of it but also ranks in the list of the most purifying plants.

It is excellent at filtering chemicals contained in cleaning products, fabrics, and cosmetics. If you put it in your dorm room, you will enjoy a restful night’s sleep because it released oxygen.

And as we know you will need good sleep to be more productive in your studies. Don’t overwater it as its roots may rot. It grows well in darker corners of the room.

6. Air Purifying Plants: Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum plant

Ladies, this flower is a gem as a decoration for your dorm room. Brighten up your space with a pot of small, neat chrysanthemums. In addition to being very pretty, these plants help filter out a host of toxins, including ammonia and benzene, which are often found in plastics, cleaners, and glue.

These are rich varieties of chrysanthemums found in almost any color and size. They flower profusely in large tufts, even year-round with proper care. So, you can get year-round beauty in your room as long as you take the right care.

7. Air Purifying Plants: Ficus benjamina

Ficus benjamina image
Source: Pinterest

I offer you another unique plant, which in no way is better than the previous ones. One of the most common houseplants today is Ficus Benjamin.

Due to its great temperature resistance (0 to 32°C), you can see it in almost any home, office and why not even in a dorm room. Helps with the reduction of formaldehyde, xylene and toluene levels in the air.

You can find a suitable pot and so turn your room into a place of unparalleled comfort.

8. Air Purifying Plants: Azalea

Azalea flowers

This flower with its wonderful name is not only known for its beauty. Put it in your dorm room and it will purify the air of formaldehyde and benzene.

Best Selling Air Purifier to Use in Your Dorm Room

air purifier image

More and more we are faced with the problem of polluted air. This makes us look for different methods to solve this issue. The 8 plants that I have mentioned above are a great way to improve the air quality in your home. However, not everyone is willing to grow plants and take constant care of them.

For such people, I can suggest air purifiers as a solution to the problem with the air. These devices don’t require daily care and a long absence from home will not be a problem.

This is what an air purifier in your premises can do for your health:

  • Has the ability to control unwanted odors in the room such as smoke, residual cooking smells, trash can odors, etc.
  • Can filter mold spores from the air. It is known that mold spores can be very harmful to health. They can cause respiratory problems such as asthma, sinusitis and hay fever. Mold is also very harmful to people with compromised immune systems or those who suffer from serious respiratory conditions.
  • To remove other asthma and allergenic triggers from the air such as dry cells, secondhand smoke, asbestos particles, etc.

Generally, a good air purifier can keep a room cleaner and improve a lot the quality of the air. As we all know, in dorms we become hostages to all sorts of unpleasant smells. Owning a good air purifier could save you a lot of troublesome moments.


bonus image

Open all doors and windows for a few minutes twice a day. This will ventilate your room and remove stale air or nasty smells. Do this even if you already have air purifying plants or device.

To improve significantly the indoor air quality, keep all doors and windows open for at least 10 minutes. Through this action you will allow the air to circulate freely and detoxify your environment.

To make things even better try to do it during hours with less traffic outside. The best times are early in the morning after waking up and late in the evening before going to bed.

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