9 Things You Should Consider Before Buying the Perfect Couch

Hello! In this post, we will talk about the big, comfy piece of furniture that we all love – the sofa. Choosing the right one for your home often is difficult for most people. Isn’t it too big or small? Will it complement the other furniture in the living room? Do these questions sound familiar? Therefore, I have gone through the most important stages in choosing the right couch. I want to tell you that the most important part is comfort, and then comes the design and colors. Watch out for these 9 things you should consider before buying the perfect couch. Enjoy!

Consider before buying couch


The size of the sofa must be taken into account. Of course, it depends entirely upon how spacious your living room is. As you know, my apartment does not have a large living room – 25m2. If you have a small room, the size will have to be thought through carefully. You have to take measurements, the sofa shouldn’t be too small or big for the room. If it is not the perfect size, it will not look good for the overall design of the apartment/house.

Consider where you will place it

You have the dimensions of your room, but you still don’t know where exactly you should place it. Normally, the sofa is always put against the TV. If your room is small, the thing I can advise you is to move the couch closer to the wall. This will save you place and look aesthetically better. This will allow you also more free movement in the room. Other tips on how to make a room look bigger can be read here.

9 Things You Should Consider Before Buying the Perfect Couch

Measure, then measure again

Once you know how much space your couch will take up and where it will be placed, measure a second time just in case. You don’t want to order a larger sofa than the space allows or get a smaller one and not use the room’s potential. If your room is too small, you can buy a couch with high legs. This will create an illusion that your room is more spacious.


The life of an item depends on the quality of the materials that it was made from. If you decide to buy a lower-quality sofa, it will be cheaper but you will enjoy it less time. Good quality couches could have a salty price, but it is worth it. Especially, if you are buying it for your own home/apartment.

9 Things You Should Consider Before Buying the Perfect Couch


The design of the sofa depends a lot on the overall setting of the room. Since the sofa is the largest upholstered piece of furniture in the living room, it will be noticed the most. After you have chosen the materials from which you want it, it is important to choose what type it will be – corner sofas; 2 seater sofas, 3 seater sofas, sleeper sofas; Mid-century Modern; Contemporary Mid-century Modern Sofa; English Rolled Arm; Camelback; Tuxedo Sofa; Pallet Couches; Low-Seated Sofa (which are my favorite) and many more. There are plenty of choices out there, that’s for sure!

9 Things You Should Consider Before Buying the Perfect Couch


Color is a very important detail. Of course, you won’t buy a sofa with a color you don’t like, but it should complement the rest of the room’s interior. As you can see in my case the sofa is grey, the kitchen is grey, the chairs at the table are grey the shades of the tiles are grey, etc. This is the way of achieving a well-designed room.


When you’re furnishing for the first time and you aren’t familiar with the prices (as it was in my case) you can be completely surprised when you see how much a sofa costs. I bought mine for $1500usd measuring 280cm x 170cm x 90cm and it is far from the expensive sofas. Check online to get a feeling about the prices and then plan the budget!

Combine with the rest

Before you start with the furniture, you most likely already have chosen an interior style. Whether it’s Scandinavian, Industrial, Boho-style or another, it doesn’t matter at all. The important thing when buying a sofa is to combine it with the overall design of your apartment or house. For instance, if your home is in a Scandinavian style, you will look for light colors couches – white, cream, etc.

9 Things You Should Consider Before Buying the Perfect Couch

Test before you buy

Do your homework! Don’t be in a hurry to buy a sofa. Yes, you can always change it, but why have unnecessary expenses. The truth is when I saw my sofa in the store I fell in love and dreamed of having it. A few months later my dream came true and I was lying on it watching my favorite movies. But generally, if you are not very sure which couch to choose, do not rush it. And if you are like me and fall in love at first sight, then that’s your sofa haha.

This post was all about 9 things you should consider before buying the perfect couch! Thank you for reading 😊