Everything You Need to Know About Christmas Candles (Best Christmas Candles)

When decorating our homes for Christmas usually candles are one of the main decor elements. They differ from each other in terms of size, scent, materials, and in the manner of use and storage. Continue reading and you will learn everything about Christmas candles + some of the best candle scents.

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What is Christmas decor without candles? They are one of the key symbols of the holiday and should not be overlooked as decoration. Lighting candles during Christmas is a tradition that has been respected for centuries. For Christians, they symbolize the Star of Bethlehem.

In this post, I’m going to explore the topic of Christmas candles in more detail, answer a few frequently asked questions related to them, and offer you a few scented Christmas candles that I adore and are suitable for the holiday. This post will teach you еverything you need to know about Christmas candles.

Everything You Need to Know About Christmas Candles

What Are Christmas Candles?

Christmas Candles

Christmas candles are candles that are lit during the Christmas holidays for symbolic and decorative purposes. Most often, they symbolize the Star of Bethlehem or celebrate the birth of Jesus himself, who was often referred to as ‘the Light of the World’ by Christians.

There have been reports since the Middle Ages of households lighting candles on Christmas Eve, making the tradition several centuries old. Moreover, at that time, a lit candle left by the window was also considered a sign of hospitality and a warm ‘welcome’ to wanderers. In some countries around the world, Christmas candles are still interpreted as a beautiful greeting message for your guests.

What Are The Christmas Candles Called?

Advent candles are four candles, each being lit on a Sunday during the Advent season leading up to Christmas. Advent always begins on Sunday (between November 27th and December 3rd each year) and ends on December 24, Christmas Eve.

There are traditionally 3 purple and 1 pink candle, each carrying its meaning and symbolism. Right at the peak of Christmas Eve, a 5th candle called the ‘Christ Candle’ is lit, which is white and must burn all night until Christmas morning. If you want to understand the meaning of each of the advent candles, watch the following video.

Another alternative is to have just one large Advent candle that has all the days of December marked on it until the 25th. Some models start marking the days until Christmas from the exact beginning of Advent for the current year, while others simply start from 1 December. Each day the candle is lit and left burning until it reaches the next day’s mark and so this is repeated until Christmas.

Do The Christmas Candles In The Windows Have a Meaning?

The tradition to put candles in windows during the Christmas holidays is something brought to the US by the Irish. Initially, it was to signal to Catholic priests that they were welcomed into the home for giving a mass. This was during the time of oppressive laws created by the British government in Ireland. Later with immigration to America, the tradition evolved, and the candles in the windows were a sign to travelers that they were welcomed to stay for the night.

Nowadays, putting Christmas candles in the windows still goes on in many United States households, but there is no symbolism behind it like in the past, rather it is for decorative purposes only. Christmas candles are a great way to lift the festive spirit and enhance the Christmas decor of your home.

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What is The Most Christmassy Smell?

Some iconic scents for this time of the year are the ones coming from the Christmas tree, cinnamon, baked cookies, hot wine, oranges, vanilla, pine forest, gingerbread, ground coffee beans, cold fresh air, hot chocolate, and more. The scented candles below have managed to capture these scents perfectly and you can use them for your home.

Everything You Need to Know About Christmas Candles (Best Christmas Candles)
Christmas Tree Candle
Everything You Need to Know About Christmas Candles (Best Christmas Candles)
Christmas Cookie Scented Candle
Everything You Need to Know About Christmas Candles (Best Christmas Candles)
Winter Forest Candle

Who Makes The Best Christmas Candles?

When choosing Christmas candles for home or as a gift for friends, you should pay attention to many things like whether the manufacturers use natural materials such as non-toxic vegan fragrance oils and whether the candles are phthalate-free and paraben-free.

Make sure that the fragrance oils used in the candles are harmless and meet the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) standards. Pay attention to the other products they use such as natural soy wax, cardboard, cotton, and paper. The use of natural ingredients makes the candles suitable for any home and harmless to children.

In my humble opinion, “Diptyque” candles are among the best of the best. They produce high-quality products which can last for years if you store them the right way.

Top 10 Popular Christmas Candles Brands

Before you choose what candles to buy, it is good to know which are the best brands that offer Christmas Candles. Here are the 10 best brands that make scented Christmas candles.

1. Yankee Candles

2. Bath & Body Works Candles

3. Anthropologie’s Candles

4. Sand + Fog

More About Christmas Candles

My Top Favorite Scent Candles for Christmas

I’m a fan of all kinds of pleasant scents, but for me, there are none like these during Xmas. Christmas fragrances always bring a very strong feeling of joy to each of us.

For example, imagine the aroma of cinnamon, warm cocoa, pine forest, and oranges. I’m sure that brought back memories of amazing previous Christmases.

My favorite Christmas scents are those of baked cookies, mulled wine with oranges, cinnamon, vanilla, and the smell of the cold crisp air at Christmas.

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Should You Open a Window When Burning a Candle?

When you light a candle, you should not open a window nearby when burning it as a draft may occur which could cause a fire. However, when you burn paraffin candles, toxic fumes are released from them. Then it is a good idea to open a window to ventilate the space.

Nevertheless, the risk of fire outweighs the health risks from the fumes. The solution to this problem is to switch to natural wax candles with natural cotton wicks. They do not emit toxic gas and there will be no need to open the windows.

As a rule of thumb, when burning a candle, avoid proximity to air conditioners, fans, and open windows. This way you will reduce the chances of fire to zero.

What Does a Candle Symbolize as a Gift?

A candle is an amazing gift for any gender but is a favorite of the ladies. It is a symbol of warmth, support, and affection, and its light symbolizes optimism.

A candle can improve someone’s mood dramatically. For example, if your girlfriend has a very stressful job, gift her a candle with natural lavender extract. Some scents have a calming effect on the nerves.

In general, a scented candle is suitable as a gift for any occasion such as a new home, new job, birthday, Christmas, etc.

How To Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas Without Scented Candles?

You can achieve an amazing Christmas scent in your home without scented candles. Put orange peels in various places around the house for example. It is particularly effective if you have radiators to put the peels on them.

Another very suitable method is to use natural pine branches. Decorate them very nicely and thematically for a better look. You can also take a natural Christmas tree that will scent the whole home during the holiday.

Cinnamon sticks are another great suggestion together with baked Christmas cookies that will fill your whole living space with that lovely Christmas smell.

There are many other ways in which you can scent your home for Christmas without candles. Therefore, get creative and combine natural aromatic sources with high-quality scented candles for an even better effect.

Funny Candle Sayings (Gift Ideas)

Best Christmas Candles
  1. “A true friend is one who makes you laugh so had you pee a little”
  2. “You work harder than an ugly stripper – overworked & underpaid”
  3. “My last f**k. Oh look… It’s on fire!
  4. “Don’t make me use my mom voice!
  5. “I had the privilege of meeting you!”
  6. “I survived another meeting that should have been an email”
  7. “Sometimes you forgot you are awesome so this is your reminder.”
  8. “I’m only talking to my dog today”
  9. “You are awesome! Keep that Sh*t up.”
  10. “Don’t let anyone treat you like free salsa you are guac!”
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