13 Festive Snowman Nails Ideas to Lift Your Christmas Spirit

Do you like festive-themed manicures? Here are 13 snowman nails ideas for Christmas that will make you immediately book an appointment with the beauty salon.

13 Festive Snowman Nails Ideas to Lift Your Christmas Spirit

Women love getting themed manicures for different holidays and occasions to turn on the festive feeling. Of course, this is also true at Christmas time.

As long as we’re talking about Christmas manicures, it’s worth noting that there are 2 ways to get one. You can give it yourself at home or book an appointment with a manicurist.

But of course, every lady wants to have nails as unique and impressive as possible and that’s why every Christmas, many women look for ideas they can copy.

For this reason, I have prepared for you in this article some interesting manicure ideas, where the main Christmas motif will be the snowman.

13 Festive Snowman Nails Ideas to Lift Your Christmas Spirit

1. French Manicure with Snowman

13 Festive Snowman Nails Ideas to Lift Your Christmas Spirit

If you are a fan of French manicures, this very stylish suggestion is just for you. The white stripe at the tip of the nail is extended and transitions into a cute snowman. Another cool detail here is how the color of the snowman’s scarf alternates between green and red.

If you wish, you can add a unique detail to each nail, or the snowman can only be applied to 1 or 2 fingers, and the others can be a simple French manicure.

2. Cyclamen and Snowman

Ideas for snowman Christmas nails

Who said cyclamen isn’t a winter color? The truth is that you can make an exceptionally beautiful Christmas manicure and decorations with this color.

If you like glitter nail polishes, don’t be afraid to use them. They are pretty common for Christmas manicures as a representation of the snow sparkle effect.

3. Nails with Snowmen

Snowman Christmas Nails Ideas


If you are a fan of more unconventional manicures I recommend this idea with lots of snowmen. You can do this on all fingers or just one or two, and decorate the rest of them in white or orange.

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4. Multi-Finger Nail Art

Cool Christmas Nails with Snowman

This is a great suggestion! Use all of your nails to create one big snowman. This idea can also be used for other Christmas symbols like Santa Claus, the Christmas tree, candy canes, and so on.

5. Christmas Snowman Nails

Snowman Christmas Idea

There are manicure ideas that look like paintings and this is one of them. As you can see in the picture above, the details on each nail are very beautiful and artfully done. Each nail has a different design and in my opinion the cutest is the family of snowmen.

I think you will need the services of a professional manicurist to achieve such a Christmas manicure, but you can also try doing it yourself.

6. Snowman & Snowflakes

Ideas for Snowman Nails

There is such a great variety of Christmas themed nail patches that will make your manicure look astonishing.

All you have to do is paint your nails in the color you want and let them dry well. After that, put the patches on and don’t forget to use a top coat to seal the manicure, so it can last longer and be more resistant.

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7. Snowman + Extra Accent

If you are the kind of lady who prefers more details in her manicure, you should know that combining many elements is not easy. Therefore, you should take into account some things like not overdoing it with the colors.

Moreover, choose 2 or 3 main colors that will be the base of the manicure and that go well with each other..

In the end, it’s important to not go overboard with the number and size of the elements. I recommend to have one or two main details and have the other parts of your manicure accentuate them.

8. Gentle Shades and Snowman

You probably associate winter manicures with dark colors like navy blue and burgundy, right? But the truth is that there are many nail designs in light colors that look georgeous and are appropriate for the Christmas holidays as well.

Dark colors are often relied on as a base for Christmas manicures because you get a good contrast when you paint snowflakes on top. However, many overlook the fact that the white color can be combined with lighter shades too creating a very delicate manicure.

9. Red Snowman Christmas Nails


Christmas is a time that is filled with love and the color red has always been associated with this intense feeling. Therefore, red is not a bad option when doing your manicure for the Christmas holidays.

Just try to add some appropriate Christmas element to one of the nails like a snowman, San, or maybe a candy cane.

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10. Snowman Under the Night Sky

Nails decorations

The brocade is a key element when it comes to Christmas manicures. After you polish your nails in some color, cover them with brocade and seal them with a top coat.

As you can see with the help of the brocade, we can imitate snowflakes and stars in the night sky. In general, its glittering effect gives even more attractiveness to our winter manicures.

11. Olaf Nails

Holiday nails

The coolest idea in my opinion is to bet on the cartoon character Olaf from “Frozen Kingdom”. I’m sure the manicure will turn out very cute and lift your Christmas spirit manifold.

You can experiment a lot here by adding other Christmas elements that you think would be appropriate. Of course, if you have another Christmas cartoon character you adore, you can use it instead of Olaf.

Here you have to decide whether it would be better to paint it or use nail patches with its image.

12. Purple Color with Snowman

Purple nails

One very unusual color for Christmas manicures has always been purple. Nevertheless, it is not to be underestimated at all when it comes to Christmas manicures.

As you can see from the picture above, purple as a base color for your Christmas manicure doesn’t look bad at all. The contrast created between it and the snowflakes and snowman is wonderful and certainly eye-catching.

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13. Snowman and Gems

13 Festive Snowman Nails Ideas to Lift Your Christmas Spirit

For me, there is nothing better than a manicure with a clean design and stylish look. You can put a snowman on just one finger and decorate the rest with gems to create one impressive combination.

This can be achieved also with a French classic manicure by again decorating with rhinestones. It turns out amazing, trust me!

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