Easy Tips on How to Smell Good All Day

In this post, I’ll share with you a few easy tips on how to smell good all day.

Easy Tips on How to Smell Good All Day

It’s important to smell good, especially when we’re out among other people. Nowadays, with the high level of hygiene and access to all types of perfumes, we simply have no excuse not to have a pleasant or at least neutral body odor.

An unpleasant smell coming from you can make a very bad impression on friends or colleagues in your office. So to avoid getting into such uncomfortable situations I have put together working and easy tips on how to smell good all day.

Easy Tips on How to Smell Good All Day

1. Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Many of you may not know, but scents last longer on well-hydrated skin. Always apply a hydrating skincare product before using your favorite perfume. This will keep the fragrance on your body for longer during the day. Also, take care of your hygiene by taking regular showers.

tips and tricks how to smell good

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2. Don’t Wear Dirty Clothes

This advice may surprise some of you, but believe me, many people have a problem with this. For example, don’t wear the same t-shirt on hot summer days more than 2 times before washing it. When you have worked out in certain clothes, don’t just let them dry and then wear them again the next day. These are all things that many people do, but often embarrass themselves by wearing stained and unpleasant-smelling clothes this way.

easy tips on how to smell good all day

3. Add Fragrance To Your Wardrobe

tips and tricks how to smell good

One more easy tip on how to smell good all day that you can try! Folks, this truly works! I started putting fragrances in my closet 4 months ago (even overdoing it). Now, I’m happy to tell you that my clothes smell like vanilla besides my favorite fabric softener. Wearing clothes that smell so good can even boost your confidence.

A little piece of advice from me, change the fragrances that you add to the wardrobe often. When you feel the scent has weakened significantly, just change it with a new one. That way you will always smell nice and different.

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4. Properly apply perfume

This is another thing that many don’t know. Even I, being such a perfume geek, soon found out about this. Spray perfume on your pulse points for maximum effect. These areas pick up the fragrances easier and hold them for longer. Such pulse points are for example the inside of your wrists and behind your ear lobes.

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Other areas that retain scents longer are the neck, inner elbows, and behind the knees. You have to be careful when applying perfume to your hair because it also holds the fragrances for a long time.

Properly apply perfume

5. Always Have Fresh Breath

Always Have Fresh Breath

In our hectic everyday life, it often happens to eat out junk food and this can bring bad breath. Therefore, we should always be prepared with the appropriate products to fight it. Products like chewing gum, mints, fresh breath spray, etc. Also, remember that such products are a temporary solution.

The main way to keep our breath fresh is to brush our teeth in the morning and evening and visit the dentist for check-ups because dental problems are often the cause of bad breath.

6. Spray your favourite perfume on your hairbrush

Here’s another great suggestion on how to smell good all day. Just subtly apply fragrance to your hair by spraying your favorite perfume on your hairbrush. However, don’t overspray because it can ruin the effect. After all, you want to enhance your natural aroma, not smell like a drugstore haha.

Also, the high alcohol percentage in some perfumes can damage your hair and this can cause problems. When applying it indirectly via the hairbrush, your hair will extract the fragrance and at the same time, its texture will be preserved.

7. Don’t Scrub Sprayed Areas

If you want to screw up the scent of your perfume, rub it at will. But if you want to keep the nice aroma you can just lightly pat it or best not touch it. If you spray from farther away, the perfume doesn’t stay on your skin in a watery form, it spreads evenly and there’s no need for additional spreading.

The reason why you shouldn’t rub sprayed areas of your skin is that doing so breaks down the structure of the fragrance and it won’t last as long. You can ruin the effect of even the most expensive and long-lasting perfume this way. So, I advise you not to do it. Just let the scent develop on its own and feel the notes from the different levels of the fragrance.

8. Properly store your perfumes

It’s important to store your fragrances properly by knowing how weather conditions affect them. The truth is, exposing perfume bottles to direct sunlight and warmer environments can ruin the scent and thus ruin your whole perfume.

What’s more, don’t store your perfumes in places where there’s a lot of moisture because it spoils fragrances as well. Store them in places with no direct sunlight, moisture, and normal room temperature. I’ve even seen advice that says perfumes should be stored in the box with which they were bought.

Properly store your perfumes

9. Be Careful With What You Are Eating

Different meals can affect our body’s aroma both positively and negatively. Foods like yogurt, fish, herbal tea, orange, water, and much more influence our body’s aroma in a good way. Products like red meat, garlic, onions, beer, red wine, and fresh milk impact negatively the aromas our body releases.

10. Shoes

Regular shoe hygiene is very important. Firstly, to avoid nail fungus and some other foot infections. Secondly, it prevents your shoes from stinking and transferring an unpleasant smell to your feet.

My advice here is to wash your shoes regularly when needed. Furthermore, I also found a tip that says if you drip tea tree oil in your shoes besides being antibacterial, it also removes nasty smells. Having read many positive reviews about this and realized that many people use this method.


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This post was all about easy tips on how to smell good all day