How to Decorate Your Bed Like a Pro-Designer in 7 Easy Steps

Sometimes you don’t have to be an interior designer to have a better-decorated bed. This post shows you how to decorate your bed like a pro-designer in 7 easy steps.

How to Decorate Your Bed Like a Pro-Designer in 7 Easy Steps

In my opinion, the most liked place in the whole home is the bedroom and more precisely the bed. It’s because people associate it with rest and pleasant moments. Therefore, it should be furnished and decorated with a lot of flair and style.

There are many different types of beds such as round, waterbeds, lofts, etc. However, no matter what model of bed we choose for our bedroom, it should always be well decorated to give us that cozy feeling when we enter the bedroom.

Everyone thinks that the bedroom is easy to decorate but it is simply not so. There are a lot of things to consider like which colors to combine, all the fabrics on the bed, and a bunch of other little details. Since the bed is in most cases the highlight of every bedroom, I decided to help you with this post about how to decorate your bed like a pro-designer in 7 easy steps!

How to Decorate Your Bed Like a Pro-Designer in 7 Easy Steps

1. Bedspread

How to Decorate Your Bed Like a Pro-Designer in 7 Easy Steps

One of the main decor elements for your bedroom is the bedspread. It serves to cover the bed and gives a finished look to the whole room. There are many types and colors of bed covers as they can complement perfectly any bedroom’s design. Some popular options are fluffy, double-face, or microfiber bedspreads. They always contribute to a more presentable look, extend the life of the sheets and keep them clean.

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2. Decorative Pillows

How to Decorate Your Bed Like a Pro-Designer in 7 Easy Steps

As you know, I have a weakness for decorative pillows and have put several in my apartment. It’s not an easy task, because the cushions have to flawlessly complement the hues of the bedroom and only enhance the existing design. There is a plethora of decorative pillows, each with a unique style, so you’re sure to find ones that will go with your bed wonderfully.

Decorative pillows can also be a room accent. So by changing them, we change the look of the bedroom as well. My advice to you is to buy more cushions and swap them now and then to refresh your bedroom’s decor. I also recommend you use pillows with more unusual and unconventional motifs and shapes to make an even bigger impression when someone enters the room.

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3. Lighting

I love lights! Lamps can be used in a variety of ways to decorate a bedroom. The nice thing is that most of them are very affordable, but at the same time are very spectacular. Most often people place lamps on the nightstand next to the bed, but there are many other places where they would fit perfectly.

With lights, you can make many interesting and innovative decorations. Just relax and let your imagination do the heavy lifting. As you can see in the photo above, we can create some extremely eye-catching lighting solutions that quickly would become the highlight of our bedroom.

4. Bed veil

bedroom veil

It looks lovely! There are different ways to decorate your bedroom with veils. To me, they are very beautiful and spectacular and create a magical atmosphere. Beds decorated with them always remind me of Disney princesses. When you combine bed canopies with lights, it gets even better. Besides the beauty they will bring to the space, bed veils will also screen your bed from light and sight, which can also be practical.

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5. Bed blankets


It is very stylish to cover the end of the bed with a nice soft blanket. It serves as an accent and it blends well with the rest of the decorations. In general, the idea behind it is again to keep the bed sheets from getting dirty and to keep you warm during a quick nap. In any case, it will also make your bed cozier.

6. Soft headboard

Soft headboard

Usually, beds take the most space out of the bedroom and this makes them the most noticeable furniture there. Having a soft headboard could certainly be useful and enhance the look of your bed. This way you can rest your back comfortably while, for example, watching a movie or reading a book in your bedroom.

Of course, you can additionally decorate the headboard of your bed with lighting, decorative pillows, gemstones, etc. What’s more, they protect the wall that the bed is leaning against from staining or damage as well.

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7. Bed sheets

satin sheets

Many people prefer not to cover the bed with a spread and leave the sheets visible. This is also something I support and like because I think there are so many beautiful bedsheet patterns that can perfectly highlight and complete the whole look of the room.

For example, satin sheets are perfect for the summer months and are very beautiful because the fabric itself has an amazing sheen. You should also choose the decorating pillows very carefully so that they are in complete harmony with the fabric.

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