How to Make an Instagrammable Closet

This post is all about how to make an Instagrammable closet. 8 tips and tricks you can try today.

How to Make an Instagrammable Closet

This is the coolest topic for me because it’s related to one of my biggest dreams related to interior design. Maybe it’s a dream for many other ladies as well. It’s about having a large closet in your home, the most coveted room by any woman.

Just imagine having a big space where you can arrange all your clothes and shoes by color, where handbags don’t get squished, and where you can store jewelry. I’ve watched so many Disney movies where the main heroine had a huge closet and wished to have a similar one when I grew up. Nowadays, I follow a couple of Instagram pages that are showing beautifully designed closets all over the world.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to dedicate a whole room to my new apartment just for a closet. So this dream of mine remains just a dream. Nevertheless, for all the lucky ones who already have a closet or are thinking of making one, here are 8 ideas on how to make it Instagram-worthy. In time, I hope to see your closets featured on the Instagram pages I follow and mention that you used the tips I’ve presented here haha.

How to Make an Instagrammable Closet

#1 Make a plan first

The first important step is to understand well what space you have and how much you can fit in it. Of course, the bigger the room – the better. In every case, it’s a good idea to plan what and where you want the furniture to be placed together with your belongings.

Have a clear idea of what you want and picture it in your mind before you describe it in a sketch or plan. Once you are completely sure that you are happy with the design and that it can be implemented, you can move on to the next step.

#2 Choose the right colors for your closet

How to Make an Instagrammable Closet - colors
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We can’t help but talk about the colors your closet should be in. Typically, it is a room that doesn’t have windows and is lit solely by light fixtures. Therefore, it’s a good idea to focus on lighter colors. From what I’ve seen on Instagram, a lot of women have chosen exactly this type of color for their closets. The most common ones are light shades of pink, beige, and grey.

Light colors will make the room itself look even more spacious and graceful. If you use darker shades in a room that has no windows you will have to compensate with lots and lots of lighting.

#3 Determine the arrangement

How to Make an Instagrammable Closet
Source: theonlywayisgrey_

As I mentioned already in the first step, you need to determine what you want to put where. Plan carefully in advance so that you don’t have to make adjustments later.

For example, think about which side your shoes will be on, where you will store jewelry, etc. That way, when it comes time to move in and organize your closet everything will be much easier and you’ll know what belongs where.

Such a plan will also be useful for you to assess if you will be able to fit everything in your closet or if you need to make some additional changes.

#4 Use the full height of the walls

How to Make an Instagrammable Closet
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It is very important to utilize all of the space in your closet, so use the entire length and width of the walls. Use things like shelves, wardrobes, various storage containers, etc. This is the only way to take full advantage of the room’s capacity.

Because this post is about an Instagrammable closet, you should pay close attention to the design. All the furniture and decorations should be in matching colors and complement each other. This is the only way for the closet to not only be practical but also attractive to the eye.

#5 Put open and closed shelves

How to Make an Instagrammable Closet - shelves
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To make your closet interesting, use open shelves and closed wardrobes. Put space for hangers by arranging the clothes by colors. I love arranging things in this way, it’s a bit much for some people but I assure you it will look stunning.

Get inspired by lots of different and lovely closet designs on social media. There you can find countless ideas for the placement of the cabinets, you can also put a mannequin by dressing it up in your cool outfits.

#6 Don’t forget about the big mirror

How to Make an Instagrammable Closet - mirror
Source: ryngen.interior

What is a closet without a mirror? The most important part of an Instagrammable closet is the big mirror. Set aside space on a wall where you will put it. There’s just no way a closet is complete without this item.

Large mirrors especially also expand visually the room, making our closet look more spacious. Furthermore, we will be able to get a good look at our entire outfit thanks to it.

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#7 Instagrammable closets need good lighting

Lightings for closets
Source: caclosets

One of the key parts of how to make an Instagrammable-worthy closet is lighting.

Firstly, we have already commented that usually there is no natural light in this room and therefore you need good artificial lighting. However, you need to see the colors well to dress fantastically.

On the other hand, having just one main light fixture in the closet is often not sufficient. For that reason, install lights on the shelves for instance. Another suggestion is to put decorative lights around the mirror as well. It will reflect all of them and thus make your closet even more fabulous and illuminated.

Another good trick is to have a glossy floor because it will also reflect the lights and make the room look more stylish.

#8 Décor for Instagrammable closet

How to Make an Instagrammable Closet
Source: kettyraimondo

To decorate your closet properly, you must first be clear on what you want to achieve. For example, if your goals are to create a design appropriate for a princess, put down fluffy rugs, pink details, glowing lettering, crowns, etc.

When talking about an instagrammable closet you can’t miss the stool in the middle of the room. This is the thing that such a closet cannot do without. Position things so that they are comfortable for you to take pictures for Instagram haha.

Put in a proper makeup light too. If the room has a low ceiling, avoid installing hanging light fixtures. They’re pretty, but they can spoil the overall look of your closet.

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