What You Should Know About Knife Blocks (26 Ideas to Copy)

Looking for a knife block with an interesting design? In this post, you will see 26 impressive knife blocks that you will immediately want to have in your kitchen.

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Knife Blocks to Bring More Style in Your Kitchen

Everything in a kitchen needs to be well organized and in its place. This way you will always know what is where and the room will look tidier.

To keep all your knives in one place, you’ll need a knife block. Furthermore, if it has an interesting and unconventional design, it will make your kitchen more appealing overall.

Therefore, this article will show you 26 knife blocks that will certainly bring more style to your kitchen.

What Is a Knife Block?

The knife block or knife holder is a kitchen tool used to conveniently store kitchen knives in one place and protect them from getting damaged. Most often it is made of wood, stainless steel, or other materials.

Where Do You Put a Knife Block?

Most often the knife block stands on the kitchen counter. If you have a large enough cabinet, you can also put the knife holder there. Another option is to mount a magnetic strip on the wall to hold your knives.

Can a Knife Block Ruin My Knives?

If your knife block has vertical slots, then you will be dulling your knives as you pull them out, because you’d be cutting the wood. Moreover, if not cleaned regularly, the knife holder could harbor bacteria which can also be damaging to the blades.

Are Self-Sharpening Knife Blocks Worth It?

Self-sharpening knife blocks have a ceramic insert inside each of their slots that will sharpen your knife every time you take it out of the block. However, they cannot completely replace the knife sharpener. So you’ll still need to have your knives sharpened about 2-3 times a year.

26 Knife Blocks to Bring More Style to Your Kitchen

1. Deadpool

Knife Blocks to Bring More Style in Your Kitchen

Are there any Deadpool fans here? I liked the movies a lot and think this knife block idea is very original and would definitely become the highlight of your kitchen.

2. Bat Knife Block

Knife Blocks to Bring More Style in Your Kitchen

This knife holder will be a very suitable decoration for your kitchen at Halloween time. If you are a crazy Batman fan, you can even use it all year round.

3. DIY Knife Holders

Knife Blocks to Bring More Style in Your Kitchen

You can make yourself a very fancy knife block by putting skewers in an oblong glass container. Use colored skewers or a colored glass container to make it even prettier. And voila, you created a kitchen tool to store all your knives in one place.

4. Knife Holder on the Wall

Knife Blocks to Bring More Style in Your Kitchen

I dig knife holders that are mounted on the wall as I think it looks amazing and is very convenient to use. Put a longer or shorter rack as you need to consider how much available space you have for it and how many knives you need to store.

5. Magnetic Knife Rack

Knife Blocks to Bring More Style in Your Kitchen

Having a magnetic knife rack is super handy and takes much less space than a regular wooden knife block.

The magnet must be strong enough to hold all the knives in place. Moreover, do not put excessively heavy blades on it to prevent potentially dangerous situations.

6. Acrylic Glass Stand

Knife Blocks to Bring More Style in Your Kitchen

This is a very stylish suggestion for a knife holder. These acrylic stands are very sturdy and besides knives, they also offer a place for peelers, scissors, and more. I think this would look great in any kitchen.

7. Kitchen Cabinet Organizer

Kitchen holders for knives

If you don’t want to take up unnecessary space on your kitchen counter with a massive knife block, then you can use this cabinet organizer to neatly store all your knives in one place.

8. Wooden Holder for Many Knives

Knives holders

Another cool design for a knife holder that I think looks great and deserves a spot on this list. I like how the knife blades are painted and give the illusion as if the wooden block is transparent.

9. Stainless Steel Knife Block

Knives holders for kitchen

As I already mentioned, the most common materials for knife holders are wood or stainless steel. They are the most common options in most households.

Depending on the design of your kitchen, you have to decide for yourself whether wood or steel will fit the decor better.

10. DIY Book Knife Block

Knife Holders

I discovered this wonderful idea while doing the research for this article, and I can boldly say that I haven’t seen a more ingenious suggestion.

Making a knife holder out of books is very easy, but there is one drawback and that is that you have to be careful with wet knives because you can ruin the paper.

11. Horizontal Stand

Knife Blockers

This is one of the most stylish knife holders I’ve seen so far. You can put a large number of knives on it and it doesn’t take up much space.

12. 2 Level Knife Block

Knifes Blockers

A unique and very convenient holder that you can mount on the wall in your kitchen. What’s more, this one doesn’t take up much space and is great for both small and large kitchens.

I had a knife holder like this a while ago, but I didn’t like the original color. Therefore, I painted it and it turned out great.

How I Designed My New Kitchen

13. Knife Holder with Levels

Knifes Blockers

Really elegant knife holder. Maybe you won’t be able to store many knives using it, but it is very spectacular as a design.

14. Magnetic Knife Strips

Knives Blockers

This is the most affordable option for a knife holder. I literally saw this idea in many websites. And here’s why – very budget friendly, convenient, has room to lots of knives, looks nice.

15. Wooden Block for One Knife

15. Wooden Block for one Knife

I didn’t understand this at first, but after I’ve spoken with my mom about it, she told me that it was a super idea. The reason is that often housewives have one favorite knife and it would be very convenient to have its place in the kitchen.

16. Wooden Table Block

wooden table block for kitchen

This block looks like a mini wooden table to me. It is very pretty and sturdy, but I think it can only hold up to 7, or 8 knives, which could be a problem for some people who like to have a wide variety of knives.

17. Vintage Knife Blocks

Vintage Knife Blocks

If you have a vintage-looking kitchen you should also stock up on vintage kitchen accessories like this knife holder. It is in a standard shape having vintage details. Blend it with the rest of your kitchen tools by repainting it.

18. DIY Driftwood Knife Holder

DIY Wood Knives Blocks Holders

Wow! I’m just in love with this creative idea. It’s a work of art. This knife holder doesn’t have many slots, but the look of it is just unique. This will surely become one of the most noticed decorations in the kitchen.

19. Industrial Style Knife Stand

Industrial looking Kitchen Knives Block/Holders

If your kitchen is decorated in an industrial style, then this knife stand will fit in perfectly with the existing decor.

20. Stump Holder

15. Wooden Block for one Knife

Here’s another amazing suggestion. Stumps are used for many different decorations and here they find their place in the kitchen. You can make a knife holder like this yourself by getting the right stump and materials for creating slots.

21. Knife Block with a Non-Standard Shape

Kitchen Blockers Knives

I guess you already know I’m a crazy fan of black details. Therefore, this knife holder is unique to me because of its shape and color. It’s a work of art because of its unconventional design.

22. Cylindrical Wooden Stand


Simple things always look best. This knife stand is perfect and very delicate. It will fit nicely in a light-colored kitchen.

23. Spartan Knife Block


Are there any fans of the movie 300 reading this post? The Spartan knife holder is a very original solution when it comes to decorating the kitchen. Sure to be one of the most impressive items in the room.

24. Knife Block with Tablet Holder


This suggestion is for the ladies who cook while having the recipe on their tablet or phone nearby. This is an amazing and convenient solution.

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25. Voodoo Doll Knife Stand


If you have a sense of humor you can get such a knife holder. You can find such a stand in different colors, so it fits perfectly in your kitchen’s decor.

26. Spinning Wheel of Death


Haha, this is the craziest thing that I managed to find while searching the web for knife blocks.

You can’t use it to store many knives, but it certainly looks spectacular and will be the cause of many laughs and smiles. I think it would be very appropriate for a dorm kitchen lol.

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