Pros & Cons of Living in a 1-Bedroom Apartment

Hey! Are you wondering what would be best for you in terms of the home you wish to have? House or apartment? 3-bedrooms or 2-bedrooms? Maybe a 1-bedroom apartment? I know how you feel. Less than a year ago I decided to buy a small apartment and I have prepared a list of Pros & Cons of Living in a 1-Bedroom apartment that could help you to decide on your future home. Enjoy!

First, let’s make the definition clear for everyone. A 1-bedroom apartment is a unit that has a separate bedroom attached to one large room. Let me give you an example of how my 1-bedroom apartment looks like.

Living on 1-Bedroom apartment
One bedroom apartment – living room
Pros & Cons of Living on 1-Bedroom
One bedroom apartment – bedroom

In most 1-bedroom apartments, the large room is used as the space for both the living room and the kitchen/dining room.

PPros & Cons of Living on 1-Bedroom Apartment
Kitchen in my 1-bedroom apartment

Pros: Very easy to clean

Yes, folks. This is the truth. Small rooms take much less time to clean. We all dream of big and spacious houses, but the truth is that the size of small apartments greatly relieves every housewife.

Pros: Cheaper to furnish

Logically, a smaller space is furnished with fewer means. It all starts with fewer rooms being renovated, and then fewer rooms being furnished. So this is quite an important plus when choosing an apartment. Especially if you are on a low budget.

Pros: Faster heating or cooling

If you are a person who likes the temperature in your home to be above 30’C during the cold months, then you are just like me. This was very important for me, to be able to heat the apartment quickly to an ideal temperature without a huge energy cost. It is important to emphasize here that we insulated the apartment and this contributed greatly to the high degrees during winter.

Pros: More affordable and easy to sell

Small apartments are cheaper and easier to sell. If you have a limited budget, this is the thing for you. Of course, you have to take into consideration the number of people who will live in it. These kinds of apartments are best suited for couples, or a family of 3 at most. In terms of selling, small apartments are very easy to sell, especially if they are well furnished and designed. So they are a good investment.

Pros: Lower costs

Another advantage that one-bedroom apartments have over bigger ones is the dwelling costs. Well, living in a smaller space also leads to smaller bills. Cool, right? At first, I didn’t believe this was entirely true, but now I’m glad it is. Smaller monthly bills lead to happy owners.

Pros: Perfect for couples

When we think about it, what does a young couple need? A place where they can make love and share their time. It is no surprise that young people do not have many financial means, which makes the small apartment an ideal choice for young people, supported by the previous advantages.

Cons: Difficult for socializing

Despite its many positives, there are also some negatives that you should be aware of. There’s not enough room! This is one of the things I don’t like the most because I can’t invite friends or family for a sleepover where they can feel comfortable. This is one of the downsides of living in a one-bedroom apartment, unfortunately.

Cons: Limited closet space

As you all know most girls like me have an awful lot of baggage lol. When I started furnishing it was one of the difficult tasks to be able to find a place for all my clothes, cosmetics and such. Luckily I was able to figure out how to lay out the apartment to fit almost all the stuff I have.

Cons: Harder to find suitable furniture

There is one tip I will give you when you start furnishing. Think very carefully about what you are going to put, where and how, and measure twice so that there are no mistakes. The furniture in the stores may seem small to you at first, but when you start furnishing the small apartment, you will see that the space fills up very quickly and it is nothing like in the store. Therefore, do not rush to buy large furniture so that your home does not become too crowded.

Cons: Not ideal for a larger family

One-bedroom apartments are perfect for a single person or a young couple, but not for a family with 2 or more children. Absurd! Perhaps it is possible for a young couple with a small child up to 2-3 years of age, but after that, it will be necessary to look for a large apartment or a house with more rooms and space.

Cons: Privacy

Privacy is something that everyone should have, but with a one-bedroom apartment, it is very difficult to achieve. The only way is when you live alone, but if you have a roommate, it is clear that having your personal space is almost impossible. It’s best to carefully choose who you share the apartment with so you don’t have to get into arguments.

Thank you for your time reading this post! I hope you liked it😊🤗