Is It Unprofessional to Have Long Hair as a Man? (Explained)

Starting a new job and wondering if your long hair will be a problem? This post will answer whether is it unprofessional to have long hair as a man and some other popular questions related to the subject.

Is It Unprofessional to Have Long Hair as a Man? (Explained)

Usually, when we talk about long hair, we think of the fairer sex, but many men also have long hairstyles and it suits them very well. In general, most people don’t mind this. However, in some countries, political regimes, and work positions men are forbidden to let their hair grow long, or at least it’s not looked upon with a good eye.

I found the topic extremely interesting and decided to dig more on the internet about it. So in this post, we will look at the issue of whether is it unprofessional to have long hair as a man.

Is it Unprofessional to Have Long Hair as a Man?

Whether it is unprofessional to have long hair as a man depends largely on the country you live in and the culture. Even in the US, where freedom of expression is a fundamental human right, having long hair as a man is still not desirable in some workplaces. However, these are outdated and stereotypical notions. Your hairstyle has nothing to do with your level of professionalism. The important thing is to keep it clean and tidy and you shouldn’t have any problems.

What would not be professional is showing up to work dirty and smelling bad. Especially if you work in an office, this is unacceptable. You should always wear clean clothes, smell good, and generally have good hygiene while at work.

Is it Acceptable for Men to Have Long Hair in the Workplace?

Is it Acceptable for Men to Have Long Hair in the Workplace?

It depends on the industry you work in. Sometimes it can be dangerous if the man works with machinery where his hair can get easily entangled. The food industry is another example where even with hair nets there is a higher chance of hair getting into the product by men with longer hairstyles.

Nevertheless, as long as the man maintains his hair well and is more careful, then he should have no problem being accepted for employment anywhere. After all, women work in every conceivable industry now and no one is forcing them to keep their hair short.

What is the Business Community’s View on Long Hair for Men?

Nowadays, it is becoming more acceptable for men to have long hair at work. However, on forums like Quora and Reddit, you’ll see quite a few stories of men who have had some problems because of their hairstyle. Most of the time, they just weren’t taken seriously enough or had a harder time getting promotions and opportunities to climb the corporate ladder.

What is the Business Community's View on Long Hair for Men?

That said, there is still some conservatism and disapproval of men’s long hairstyles in the corporate environment, especially in the upper echelons. Nevertheless, something much more important than your hairstyle is simply your confidence and ability to do an excellent job. If you feel more confident and elegant with a long haircut, then don’t conform to any outdated notions. In this case, your long hair will turn from a potential disadvantage into your unique distinguishing feature, which will now work to your benefit.

If you ever feel neglected because of your long hair, just think of Richard Branson. Despite his long hair, he has managed to create companies worth billions. Furthermore, he achieved this at a time when men’s long hairstyles were treated with even more disdain.

Should You Cut Your Hair Before a Job Interview?

Should You Cut Your Hair Before a Job Interview?

No, don’t cut your hair short if you don’t want it yourself. If this is an important criterion for whether or not a company will hire you, then believe me you wouldn’t want to work for them. Needless to say, if it is an interview about joining the military then I don’t think you would have a choice lol.

All jokes aside, as long as your hair is well-groomed before the interview and you come in clean and elegant clothes, you should have no problem with any interviewer.

What Jobs Permit Long Hair and Long Beards for Men?

If you live in Western Europe or North America, a more suitable question would be what workplaces do not allow long hair and beards for men. In general, most workplaces have no problem with such an appearance. Even some employers find these men more attractive and interesting.

Do Men With Long Hair Have Any Benefits?

Men with longer hair certainly stand out from the crowd more easily and some women find them more attractive. Many also take it as a sign of individuality and uniqueness, which further raises their self-esteem. Another plus is that you have many more choices of hairstyles to try out.

Is It Unprofessional to Have Long Hair as a Man? (Explained)

More Frequently Asked Questions

What is Considered Long Hair On a Man?

Everything has its limits, this also applies to hair length. If for ladies the normal hair length is up to the waist, for men it is up to the armpits. Longer than that for men is excessive and does not look good in my opinion.

Especially, if the long hair is combined with a long beard people will not be able to see your facial features. Keep your hair healthy, this is more important than long lengths.

How Common are Men with Long Hair? (Percentage)

Although I have not been able to find any official statistics, from various articles and forums the percentage in the United States varies between 3-5%. All the other men have short haircuts. This means that if you choose to grow your hair long, you’ll surely attract a lot of ladies’ eyes.

Why Do Men With Long Hair Get Bad Reactions?

In general, long hair is associated with femininity and because of this many men are ridiculed for their long hairstyle. Some companies, on the other hand, associate it with poor hygiene and unkempt appearance.

What Does Long Hair on a Man Symbolize?

What Does Long Hair on a Man Symbolize?

It can symbolize many things. If we look at hippies and rock stars, long hair can be seen as an expression of freedom and rebellion against the system. In ancient Greece, long male hair represented wealth and power.

Nowadays, most men who have long hair are either rock/metal singers or movie actors. This states that long hair can also be an additional way to express an artistic spirit.

How Does Long Hair Look on Short Guys?

Your height is not relevant when it comes to hairstyle. The important thing here is how you maintain it and how you style it. The same thing applies to women.

How Important is a Man’s hair to Women?

Men’s hair is very important for women, but not in terms of length, but hygiene. Women pay attention to the smallest details and if your hair is greasy and unkept, she will notice it won’t leave her with a good impression.

I want to stress here that if a woman likes you, she will not leave you only because of your hair. However, she will be impressed if you keep it clean and neat.

Do Girls Like Long-Haired Men?

I took the initiative and asked many girlfriends if they liked men with long hair. The majority of the answers were positive and some of them find it exceptionally sexy.

Furthermore, they prefer the man to have shoulder-length hair. Therefore, if you are a man wondering whether to grow your hair long, here is your answer haha.

Does Long Hair Look Better with a Beard?

Some people look amazing having a long beard combined with their long hair while others can’t pull off this style. In general, the combination is quite common, but whether it looks good or not depends on many other factors such as facial structure, proportions of the hair/beard, and how well you maintain them.

Is it Unprofessional to Have Long Hair as a Man? (Explained)

Does Long Hair Look Good Without a Beard?

Is it Unprofessional to Have Long Hair as a Man? (Explained)

Of course, long hair looks good on men without beards as well. Again, I’ll mention that hair maintenance is the key here. You are very lucky if you have a good hair gene because many of my male peers went bald at 25 haha. So if long hair suits you, show it off and be glad you have it.

Bald vs. Long Hair Guys – Pros and Cons

Bald men are very attractive to ladies. Just notice how many popular male actors are bald: Jason Statham, Dwayne Johnson, Bruce Willis, and the list goes on. They always play the role of the bold hero. This is because many people find a shaved head as an amplifier of masculine image and confidence.

According to this statistic, about 70% of men will lose hair as they get older. And 25% of bald men see the first signs of hair loss before age 21. This is another reason why shaving your head may be a good idea once you get older. This is another reason why so many men prefer to shave their heads instead of staying with bald spots.

On the other hand, men with long hair are much less common. If you have the gene and long hair suits you, then you can give it a try. This will certainly help you to stand out from the crowd.

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